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Do-It-Yourselfers feel the burn with cheap-o gym equipment | April 21, 2009

From Illogical42

Traffic Sign Hoop

I’ve been prone to unleash the haterade on celebs partaking in corpo-autofellatio bukkakes. But as I passed by Derek Jeter’s pristine, glass paneled vanity gym last week,  all I could do was choke back years of titty-twisters, horrified gang showers and fed stamped ‘physical fitness tests.’ (As a 9-year-old, John F. Kennedy was pegged as my least favorite prez for this very reason. The womanizing rat bastard.)

But I’ve been getting in shape, by God. Some fitness meatheads consider yoga to be a form of “stretching,” and I would naturally concede this point. (But whaddya say about Pilates for Indie Rockers?)

I’ve been looking to amp up my workout routine, which basically means locating the great beyond somewhere between the tree pose and sitting on my ass and watching TiVo-ed episodes of The View.

A few DIY gymrat tips I dredged up on the Intertubes (feel free to share yer own, dear readers):


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